Saturday, 23 February 2013

Sec 4-07: Football Teams

Hello S4-07, here are the football teams:

Team A
Wen Kai / Norman / Zheng Jie / Shamemi / Wei Huang

Team B
Priyanka / Mohit / Abigail / Mikhael / Gregory

Team C
Aisyah / Naveena / Abu / Issac / Pasakorn / Jeremy

Team D
See To / Mirza / Pranavi / Jurvis / Izzat

Note: The first name (e.g. See To) will start 'Peer Coaching' from Week 8 (25th Feb) onwards.
The second name will be the videographer (e.g. Mirza). See To should also bring his camera as a back-up.

Each coaching session is 15 minutes maximum. Each group will have 1 football per player & 10 cones each.

The Football Coaching Template can be found on the Sec 4 Google site.
Remember to email or pass me the hardcopy when you have completed your post-coaching reflection.

Mr. Hiap

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